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An irregular Video Blog by Dr Mike Mew, orthodontist and orthotropist searching for answers.

What is the best method to treat crooked teeth, malocclusion and the associated problem which almost certainly include problems such as sleep apnoea. I clearly do not have all the answers but I am asking the right questions and to as far as I am aware my present therapy best fits the current evidence base.
I have taken an oath to;

1) Consider any idea however strange and unorthodox they may at first seem in my quest for answers

2) To change my therapy, however uncomfortable, as dictated by the outcomes and evidence that I encounter

It is only through the application of the scientific process that we will find these answers. Nothing can be proved only disproved. I do not intend to be rude but there are too many competing ideas many of which need eliminating in part or in entirety.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sherlock Holmes.

Esther Gokhale and orthodontics

The anteverted pelvis and back posture relate to head, neck and oral posture, which is essential to straight teeth and orthodontics.


bolus chewing! Auto Myofunctinoal therapy

Myofunctional therapy and an oral work out. Build up both the tongue tone and muscle tone, while forcing a good level of coordination and learning. Slow your breathing and increase the rate of chewing.