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About me

Dr Mike Mew is registered specialist orthodontist based in London providing innovative solutions for crooked teeth and other health issues. He is one of a few third generation orthodontists and it is his mission to find cures to malocclusion and to understand the link between orthodontic problems and a range of other health issues through a new paradigm, to gain a fuller understanding and create effective therapies, possibly understanding how problems could be prevented. It has taken his family three generations to reach this point and it is his sincere hope that it will not take another three to gain the answers that so many of you need.

Questions and consultations

This blog aims to act as a source of information, as a rallying point and to follow Dr Mew on his mission to find the truth. He is committed to open science, believing that information should be for free, but realises his times cannot be. He has provide adequate information for most people to improve themselves, however he cannot answer questions on this site about diagnosis or treatment for individual patients. He does provide consultations in person and on-line however there is a limit to what he can do in many situations and it is very possible that any questions that you may have has already been covered so please check carefully.

Best wishes and we really hope that we can help you.

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This site aims to raise an awareness and open debate on an important issue. You could really help us, and for many people helping us is the most effective way for find and the answers and develop the therapies that will help you. If you are able to contribute either in time or financial donation please contact us.